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Mar 22, 2017

What separates television from animation is imagination, according to The Animation Guys’ Lubna and Jamien.

“TV is great and you are creating but there are restrictions, of course, things like cast etc.,” Lubna told Kobi of Kobestarr Digital during a recent podcast on Kobestarr.

“I think you can take the story so much further. You can really drive a narrative somewhere, take your imagination beyond its limits then pull it back when you want to.

“It can be a lot more fun.”

Her coworker, Jamien, agreed calling animation the “most exquisite art form.”

He said there was a connection that an audience made with animation over a real life film that was unique.

“It aesthetically resonates with you that little bit more because of the fact that it is not real life.

“You can articulate these stories that are not only very heartwarming and moving but also they are more magical because you can do literally anything with animation.”

Jamien said he discovered his love for filmmaking, drawing and telling stories while traveling.

“I went from India all the way through to China, Thailand, New Zealand and really just wanted to explore the world. What really stuck with me was that unique quality to just tell a really good story.”

After trying to get a “sensible” job selling insurance, Jamien decided to study animation at Hertfordshire

“From that I spent all my summers working at internships, unpaid doing a lot of hours. It was tough.”

Lubna said she struggled for two years before taking a leap with her television career.

Following studies in communication with an eye for the visual medium Lubna was working two jobs- one marketing position for a ski slope and another at a bar.

“I would take all my holidays and weekends and go work for tv companies, knocking on doors, doing work experience, trying to run whenever I could,” she explained.

After a couple years of earning experience she quit both jobs and worked with some friends on a film proposal that became a hit after it appeared on ITV.

However, as the press from the 10 minute piece died down she began temping and received a break when she got offered a job as a researching on Scratchy & Co.

“It was one of the toughest jobs I’ve ever done, it was a real baptism by fire but also a lot of fun.”

After a successful run as a producer/director she joined The Animation Guys a few months ago.

The company creates advertising or entertainment pieces for clients.

“We are a fully fledged service house for animation. We work in 2D, 3D, motion graphic, and a lot of other things as well,” Jamien said, adding they were like a white label

“What we really like to do is get into the guts of people’s business.”

One of their upcoming projects is a series of cartoons about Hussain Manawer, a poet who won the opportunity to go into space.

Lubna said Manawer was an advocate for mental health, particular in youth.

“This series is effectively about Hussain’s adventures into space with his team of kind of space assistants. Each episode will deliver a message that will empower young people to kind of really help them find a voice,” she said.

They are also working on a piece based on one of his tracks from an upcoming album with Universal.

Jamien said he had recently been in Los Angeles meeting with some studios.

“It was really just to get an idea of the scope and what those guys were up to in a sense,” he explained.

“We also went over there to work on a music video that we have just finished actually for Jason Derulo,” he said, adding the track was called Swallow.

For more on the interview with The Animation Guys or to hear more of The Kobestarr Digital Podcast visit the iTunes website.

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