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The Kobestarr Digital podcast features longform interview conversations with people who I have met since starting Kobestarr Digital as a Digital Marketing Agency. It's a business podcast with an ever so slight bias towards the world of Digital Marketing be it Inbound Marketing, Growth Hacking, Social Media Marketing, SEO, Content Marketing. I have a lot of really interesting girls and guys lined up from freelancers through to those at the pinnacle of large businesses who are ready to share their stories with you. If you know anyone who would be interesting to hear from please do let me know by sending an email to Please subscribe to the podcast on iTunes in anticipation of the first episodes dropping in 10th May and come and find me personally on the Twitter @Kobestarr that's K o b e s t a rr and The agency Kobestarr Digital can be found @kobestarrDigi. I just want to say thanks to GLPro and to Helen Zaltzman for helping me get the podcast up and running, to all my past present and future guests and to you guys for listening and telling your friends and subscribing on iTunes Ahem Subscribe! and tell your friends to subscribe! I look forward to hearing from you all! Bye! Kobi Omenaka
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Aug 17, 2016

I’m super pleased to have Matt Lerner from 500 Startups on the Kobestarr Digital Podcast!


I’d heard Matt speaking a couple of times and read numerous slide decks of his talking about Growth Hacking amongst other things. In terms of growing companies Matt’s experience is second to none. A key member of the Growth Team at Paypal in a period where the company grew ten times in 10 years means that his knowledge and insight greatly valued.


Matt talks about the mettle it takes to run a successful company and the different personalities involved at different stages of company growth.

It was great to hear a breakdown of the different levels of investment that can apply for and what it can take for companies to grow. This has been a particular knowledge blind spot for me.


I hope you enjoy the show!





Is Growth Hacking Bullshit







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Matt Lerner on LinkedIn




Huge shout out the Tony and Jay at GL Productions for the excellent editing skills and to Mighty People to the music that you can hear on the show.


Shameless Plug!


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Thanks everybody for listening!



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